Student Assembly

What is the Student Assembly?

The UPHA Student Assembly is a student-driven committee within UPHA that strives to represent the needs of students throughout the state. The Student Assembly Chair is a part of the UPHA board and is the head of the student assembly, serving with a variety of other student leaders within the Assembly. One function of the Student Assembly is to allow for collaboration and networking between universities, as the Assembly’s members consist of students from various Utah public health programs.

What does the Student Assembly do?

The Student Assembly has a variety of responsibilities, the first being to recruit students to join UPHA and to benefit from the professional development opportunities it offers. UPHA values student perspectives, and the Assembly allows students to participate in various public health issues, topics, and UPHA activities. One important function of the Assembly is to help plan networking events tailored to students and their needs, allowing student members of UPHA to benefit fully from their membership. Our students are also traditionally responsible for creating a UPHA campaign or activities for the annual Public Health Week.

Why Join?

Participating in the Student Assembly is a great opportunity to network with public health professionals, develop your talents and interests, and dive into relevant leadership opportunities. Engaging with issues that you care about through UPHA advocacy is a wonderful way to discover where your interests and talents lie. Additionally, the connections made through networking with professionals are a great way to help ensure that your degree takes you where you want to go. UPHA is deeply interested in paving the way for future public health professionals, and the opportunities provided through the Student Assembly are valuable to any engaged student.
We look forward to working with you!

David Suisse | [email protected]
UPHA Student Assembly Chair
MPH student