October 2021 E-Newsletter

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October 2021 E-Newsletter

President's Message

Autumn is a time of change. Just like the leaves change color, fade away and drop, so also is UPHA going through change. We are working to envision an even more diverse, transparent organization moving forward. Thanks to everyone who joined us for our annual Board Retreat last month! We were able to look back on our many accomplishments and look forward to a bright future. Some recent changes are:
· Vangie Lund was hired as UPHA’s bookkeeper
· Pam Lyon was voted in as the new UPHA treasurer (replacing Vangie)
· Skyler Crouch moved up to the Chair of the Finance Unit (replacing Pam)

Join the Bylaws Subcommittee
UPHA is seeking volunteers to join the Bylaws Subcommittee - a group of members interested in meeting monthly to review and draft language amendments to UPHA's Bylaws over the next five months in preparation for the 2022 UPHA Annual Meeting during next year's conference.  If you're interested, please contact Christy Cushing.


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