October 2020 E-Newsletter

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October 2020 E-Newsletter

President's Message 

Utah Public Health Association 2020-2021: Virtually Unlimited

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to bring many changes, which limit the way things have been done in the past. I want to suggest that rather than being limited this upcoming year, the Utah Public Health Association (UPHA) 2020-2021 is virtually unlimited in many ways. We are virtually unlimited because we will use virtual technology to hold meetings and provide professional development activities. We also have virtually unlimited opportunities to find solutions to current public health concerns as the pandemic continues. For example, how can UPHA support a fatiguing public health workforce or strengthen advocacy efforts that will protect the health of our communities? The leadership board of UPHA began the 2020-2021 year with a virtual leadership retreat this month to identify opportunities and set goals. Yes, the UPHA annual conference may look different this year and our members may connect with us using more technologies, but we are excited about the virtually unlimited opportunities to make a positive impact on public health in Utah during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. - Patty Cross, Board President

COVID Updates and Resources 

Overview of County cases of Covid-19 read here.  What is Isolation?  and  What is Quarantine?

These are short, 2-minute animated videos explaining the difference between quarantine and isolation and all that comes with it.  The videos are available in English and Spanish.

Intermountain Health Care is now conducting saliva testing: Intermountain is transitioning to collecting saliva instead of deep nasal swabbing. They state this new process should enable them to collect samples from more patients while still maintaining quality of care.

Suicide Prevention and the COVID-19 pandemic, read here.

Dr. Angelia Dunn Speaks at TEDx, addressing Utah's COVID case spike, read article here.

UPHA continues to stand behind our public health professionals who work tirelessly to create conditions where all Utahns can be as healthy as possible.

UPHA is committed to the health and safety of all communities and shares our concern for humanity at this time.

Visit the COVID page on the UPHA website to find current information from the front lines, news articles, resources, My Story, ways to serve, and tips for staying healthy.

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