November 2020 E-Newsletter

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November 2020 E-Newsletter

President's Message

No matter what our role in public health is, for the past eight months we have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. I have seen such unwavering efforts by so many to contact trace despite the steady often rising case counts. The emergency response teams have continuously responded to requests for supplies and environmental health staff have been inundated with calls on adherence to restaurant guidelines during the many transition stages of the Utah Health Guidance Levels. Many have spent countless hours answering caller questions about testing and how to keep safe. You are each doing important work and are appreciated. Remember to take care of yourself by taking time to de-stress, refuel, and enjoy the small wonders of each day. Thank you for your commitment to the health of others. You are simply the best! - Patty Cross, Board President

UPHA October 28th News Release

UPHA released a statement in support of Utah's transition to the new COVID-19 Transmission Index and calling for the immediate adoption of additional public health measures to keep Utahns safe. Hospital ICUs are near capacity, the healthcare and public health workforces are exhausted, and over 625 of our fellow Utahns have died. A recent UPHA membership survey found that public health workers are frustrated by a lack of support from political leaders as many Utahns disregard safety protocols. One survey respondent said, "Everyone is burnt out with no relief in sight." To read the full statement and see the additional recommended public health measures visit UPHA.ORG.

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