June 2019 E-Newsletter

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President's Message

Celebration is in order for our wonderful organization, which is aging very well in its 103rd year of operation. Despite UPHA’s age, I see signs that UPHA is in the adolescent phase of its life-span. This is partly due to my optimism that UPHA will operate for at least 500 years. It is also due to our organization’s significant changes and growth. Examples include the rapid growth and maturation of the Student Assembly and the Community Health Worker Section which just held a wonderful conference. Internal changes include the development of a new website, logo, and a new membership system, all of which will roll out this year. You may have noticed a significant jump in our social media presence, thanks to our great communications team. We understand that adolescents thrive in environments with strong traditions and sense of community. Our community was celebrated at the recent Utah Public Health Conference in Ogden, including the UPHA Awards Ceremony in Ogden.

I want to personally congratulate Teresa Garrett as the winner of the prestigious Beatty Award. Teresa, you are officially an elder of the UPHA family! We are strengthened by our diverse members, including public health professionals, health educators, doctors, nurses, community health workers, community  leaders, and anyone committed to improving health. We are able to function and offer programming through individual membership and sponsoring organizations. I encourage you to get involved in UPHA through our various committees. Do you have a resolution to propose? An issue for which you can help us advocate? An interest group to propose? A new prospective member to invite? Please know that UPHA is a platform for you to do great work and our programming is 100% volunteer.

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