UPHA is the largest association of public health professionals in Utah and is dedicated to promoting quality public health policy and providing public health  education for its members and the people of Utah. By joining UPHA, you strengthen the voice for public health in Utah.

Members may also join Sections and students and early career professionals may join the Student Assembly.

Member Benefits:

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Hold office & voting rights - Serve on committees - Networking opportunities - Legislative updates & alerts - Discount at Public Health Conference for Utah
Eligibility: Any interested person


Same benefits as Individual
Eligibility: Any active student enrolled at least halftime in a College or University

Early Career Professional

Same benefits as individual
Eligibility: Any person who has graduated from an educational institution within the past 2 years

Community Health Worker

Same benefits as Individual
Eligibility: Any person who participates in the Community Health Workers Section


Same benefits as Individual / Membership for life
Eligibility: Any person who is interested in the cause of public health


Same benefits as Individual
Eligibility: Any retired person who is interested in the cause of public health

The dues year shall be calculated using a rolling calendar year. Dues are payable annually, and shall be due 365 days after the previous payment was deposited. Dues will be considered delinquent 2 months after the due date. Penalties for delinquency of dues shall be set by the Board of Directors.



A Section is a membership unit that represents one or more of the major public health disciplines, professions, or programs. The Board of Directors maintains a list of current Sections. The Board approves any creation of a new Section.  Current UPHA Sections:


A Special Interest Group (SpPIG) is composed of UPHA members who are working together on a specific issue or topic that is important to public health, crosses disciplinary and Section boundaries, and calls for expertise that may reside in more than one Section. A SpPIG may be established whenever a group of members petitions the Executive Committee, which reviews the application and forwards it recommendation to the Board of Directors for further action.