During this unprecedented threat to the public’s health, the Utah Public Health Association stands behind Utah’s public health workers who work continuously to create conditions where all Utahans can be as healthy as possible.  UPHA is committed to the health and safety of all communities and shares our concern for humanity at this time.  We lean on our guiding principles to support our community.  We reaffirm, especially during this great public health crisis, our commitment to:

  1.  Advocating for sound public health policy
  2.  Ensuring a healthy and safe environment by supporting people to “stay safe and stay home”
  3.  Informing and engaging the community about public health issues and disseminating accurate information to diverse communities
  4.  Supporting the public health workforce who is working tirelessly to mitigate COVID-19
  5.  Championing health equity and social justice so that the greatest burden of COVID-19 does not fall on our most vulnerable citizens, and
  6.  Promoting access to health care – because no one deserves to suffer without care, or care that is much too costly