Community Grants

UPHA has been working diligently to establish and offer mini-grants to communities and individuals for projects that are focused on protecting and improving the health of Utah residents. UPHA is pleased to announce that 2019 was the third year that we were able to offer the availability of three Community Grants for public health projects of $1,000 each. The operation of the grants is managed by UPHA’s Fiscal Management Unit with appropriations of resources derived from the UPHA Fund.

Applications for the Community Grants are solicited on an annual basis via social media outreach through posts on the UPHA’s Facebook page. Following this application period, which generally occurs during the late summer, applications are reviewed and awarded by the UPHA Board. Preference is given to proposals that demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Feasibility --The degree by which a project can be implemented effectively with current resources and capacity.
  • Impact --The potential that the proposed project has to create positive change.
  • Evidence-based practice-- The proposed project is based on an evidence-based or promising practice, or is contributing to building evidence.

In order to assess these criteria, applicants provide an overview of their project including details such as the target population, partners involved, potential impact, methods for evaluating project success or outcomes, and evidence that their project has potential to impact the target population. Grantees are given six months to complete their project and are expected to give an oral or poster presentation on the outcomes of the project at the annual Utah Conference for Public Health.

As a leader in public health advocacy, improving public health practice, and providing professional development opportunities for the public health community, UPHA is excited to offer these grants as an opportunity to assist in facilitating public health projects focused on improving the health and well-being of Utah citizens, and will strive to offer support to the public health community through these Community Grants for many years to come.

UPHA 2019 Grantees

USU Extension: First Responder MindShield

Midvale Community Building Community:  Increasing EHR Referral of Patients with Diabetes to Oral Health

One Day:  Through the Maze: Resilience Training Workshops



UPHA 2018 Grantees

Utah County Health Department:  Environmental Intervention for Asthma Home Visit Program

Utah Center for Civic Improvement:  Utah Farmers’ Market

Wasatch Community Gardens:  School Garden Program

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UPHA 2017 Grantees

Utah County Health Department:  Environmental Intervention for Asthma Home Visit Program

Planned Parenthood:  Teen Success

Salt Lake County Health Department:  Asthma Home Visit Program Expansion Project

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