February 2022 E-Newsletter

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February 2022 E-Newsletter

President's Message

Happy February! As many of you know, there is a holiday this month that celebrates LOVE!
Here are some things that I LOVE about UPHA:

  • UPHA is a trusted public health organization that has been in existence for over 100 years.
  • UPHA supports me by giving me a voice to advocate for important public health issues.
  • UPHA provides me with professional development and continuing education.
  • UPHA collaborates with other organizations to accomplish mutual goals.
  • UPHA is comprised of passionate and caring people who want to make a difference.

I enjoy connecting with colleagues at the annual Utah Conference for Public Health.  There are many opportunities to serve with like-minded people on an amazing board.  We have been working with an agency who offered their services to us pro bono, to dive deeper into our brand and determine what is the SOUL of UPHA. We distilled it down to this: Our Communities, Our Health. I am so grateful to be in a leadership position at such a venerable organization during these challenging times for public health! I hope you all will join me by joining UPHA and working together to make Utah a better, healthier place. During this month (and all months) reach out to someone you love and let them know how much they mean to you. Love makes the world go round.

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