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2018 UPHA Conference - April 11-13 - Salt Lake Marriot Downtown

Let the Nominations Begin!

Call for 2018 UPHA Youth Annual Award Nominations

Kresge Foundation: Emerging Leaders in Public Health Initiative


Utah Decides Ballot Initiative


CDC Pink Book In-Person Course

UPHA Call for Resolutions


Utah Decides Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative


Point-in-Time - Homeless


Board Member Spotlight: Daniel West Denhalter 


Student Member Spotlight: Joshua Meyers


Confernce Ad

Let the Nominations Begin!

It's the time of year to begin thinking about your commitment to the Utah Public Health Association (UPHA). Have you served in an elected office or as a board member? Are you interested? Would you like to have a voice in the important health issues in our state? If you have about 3 hours a month to give to our professional public health organization please submit your name or the name of a colleague!

The success of the Utah Public Health Association (UPHA) is very dependent on the willingness of its membership to serve in the various offices and positions in the Association. Each year as part of the Annual Conference, new officers of the Association are elected by the membership to serve in the coming years. UPHA definitely needs you, or someone you know!

We are actively seeking nominations for the following offices:

• Vice-President (4-year commitment)
• Treasurer (2-year commitment)
• Board Member - Communication Management Unit (3-year commitment)
• Board Member - Fiscal Management Unit (3-year commitment)
• Board Member - Policy Management Unit (3-year commitment)
• Awards Committee Member (3-year commitment)
• Nominations Committee Member (3-year commitment)

For more information about the specific offices, please refer to the bylaws and position descriptions posted on the website at www.upha.org/pdf/bylaws-current.pdf

Please send your nominations (including self-nominations!) to a member of the nominations committee listed below by 5:00 p.m., Thursday, March 1, 20018.

Kathy Paras – 801-538-6242, kparas@utah.gov
Hilary Makris – 435-277-2364 hmakris@tooelehealth.org
Linnea Fletcher – 801-851-7099, linneaf@utahcounty.gov
This year's Annual Conference is coming up on April 11-13, 2018 in Salt Lake City at the Marriott Downtown at City Center. More information about the conference is available on the website at http://www.upha.org


Call for 2018 UPHA Youth Annual Award Nominations

The Utah Public Health Association (UPHA) recognizes the outstanding efforts of organizations and individuals in the community that work hard to improve the lives of Utahns. These organizations and individuals are true leaders of health. Now is the time to recognize their efforts. The UPHA Awards Committee is now acceptingnominations for the “Youth Award”

Image Priority

* Youth Award – This award is presented annually to a youth group that has made a significant contribution to address a serious public health problem. For more information about the specific requirements and descriptions of the award, please visit /www.upha.org/resources.html or contact Shaheen Hossain at 801-273-2855 or shossain@utah.gov

Examples of projects that past award recipients have been nominated for include anti-smoking and anti-drug/alcohol programs; programs promoting physical activity and nutrition; bicycle and helmet safety; programs promoting well-being for the elderly; and programs to improve the environment.

Please send your nominations to the Awards Committee chair – as listed below by 5:00 p.m., Monday, March 5, 2018.

Shaheen Hossain – shossain@utah.gov

Kresge Foundation: Emerging Leaders in Public Health Initiative

The Kresge Foundation will soon be accepting applications for its Emerging Leaders in Public Health (ELPH) initiative — an 18-month leadership development initiative aimed at helping current and future local public health department leaders advance innovative models, which improve their organizations and position them for new opportunities to meet the changing health needs of their communities. With your help, we want to reach forward-thinking leaders interested in enhancing their skills and competencies to shift or expand the role of their public health department in the community.
Please help us reach local health department leaders by sharing information about this opportunity. 

We hope you will publish the information in your February and March newsletters and, Starting February 1, post the information through your social media channels and distribute the information to other public health organizations and potential applicants through your listserv emails.
 About Emerging Leaders in Public Health
The Kresge Foundation is partnering with the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health (UNC) to recruit and select 20 teams for Emerging Leaders in Public Health (ELPH). Teams of two co-leaders, representing local health departments, will develop and implement a transformative concept or idea designed to deliver a new model of public health for their community. Teams with leaders from diverse backgrounds that serve populations experiencing health disparities are encouraged to apply. Participants will receive leadership development training on organizational change, communications strategy and business planning, as well as a grant up to $125,000 to develop and implement their transformative concept.
Please share this opportunity for local public health department leaders to advance innovative models which improve their organizations. Details about the application process, resources for you to use, and the overall initiative are available at kresge.org/elph. Please reach out to elph@kresge.org with any questions.

Utah Decides Ballot Initiative

Utah Decides Healthcare Act of 2018 is a citizen’s initiative that will bring local control to the healthcare debate, allowing Utah voters to decide what is best for their families. The initiative ensures affordable access to doctors and hospitals for all individuals and families in Utah with monthly incomes less than $2,727 for a family of four, and less than $1,337 for an individual. It will raise the sales tax on non-food items in Utah from 4.7% to 4.85%--about 3 cents for every $20—to cover the cost of bringing medical care to tens of thousands of Utahns, some for the very first time.
For 5 years Utah has been leaving money on the table. We send $710 million a year to DC to pay for healthcare, and we’ve not been getting all of it back—by expanding Medicaid Utah will see over $800 million in federal dollars per year returned home. Expanding Medicaid would provide coverage for working Utahns. Of the people Medicaid expansion would cover, 65% of them are currently employed, and 85% of family households have at least one working adult.
Utah Decides Healthcare must collect 113,143 signatures across the state of Utah by April 16th, 2018 to appear on the ballot in November 2018. If we get 50% plus one of the total vote newly eligible enrollees can gain coverage in April 2019. You can visit our website www.utahdecides.org to learn about the campaign, sign up for updates, or donate. Volunteering to collect signatures is the best way to help this get on the ballot for November 2018. You can sign up to receive a signature packet here


CDC Pink Book In-Person Course

Faculty from CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases will present a live, two-day comprehensive review of immunization principles, as well as vaccine-preventable diseases and the recommended vaccines to prevent them. The course will feature the most up-to-date immunization information from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

INFORMATION: March 8-9 | Viridian Event Center 8030 South 1825 West, West Jordan, Utah Breakfast and lunch provided

Pink Book Image

REGISTRATION: ONLY $95 | $75 for students - Fee payable online


The last CDC Pink Book in-person course offered in Utah was in 2011. Don’t miss this local course!

Continuing Education (CE) credits are available to a variety of healthcare professionals who attend the entire course and complete the required CE evaluation and posttest online by April 9, 2018. Detailed information and instructions will be provided at the course.

Questions? Contact: Stephanie Hart | stephanie.hart@upha.org | 385-468-4141.

UPHA Call for Resolutions!

Now is your opportunity to propose resolutions to be considered by the UPHA membership at our annual business meeting. If you have a resolution you would like the membership to consider, please send a draft to Dean Penovich no later than Monday, March 2, 2018.  View examplse of a previously passed resolutions.

A spokesperson for the resolution must be a current paid member of UPHA and will be expected to present the resolution during the annual business meeting. Please contact Dean if you have any questions at 801-913-2621 or at dpenovich@utah.gov

Utah Decides Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative

Dear UPHA Members: 
My name is Zoë Diener, I am an MSPH student at the University of Utah and the Policy Chair of the UPHA Student Assembly. These last few weeks I have been volunteering with Utah Health Policy Project on the Utah Decides Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative. The UPHA has given their support of this ballot, and as such, I write with some information for all of you:

  • This initiative is proposing a modest tax increase on non-food items ($.03 on $20.00) in order to bring $800 million into the state.
  • The fiscal note from the Governor's Office of Management and Budget (GOMB) estimates the cost to the state to cover over 100,000 low-income Utahns will be $77 Million (link), the proposed sales tax on non-food items will cover the state's entire cost of implementing Medicaid expansion.
  • 7 public hearings across the state were held in early November, you can find the presentation and audio from those hearings here
  • The list of supporters of our initiative is growing! Check the list out here! If your organization would like to be listed--email rylee@utahdecides.org

We appreciate your help and support in gathering 160,000 signatures by March 31st to bring comprehensive healthcare coverage to 100,000 low-income Utahns. 
I leave you with three asks today:

  1. We are especially in need of individuals to gather signatures from outside of the Salt Lake Area. If you can collect even 25 signatures—sign up for a packet. Your time and those signatures are critical to the success of this campaign! (sign up here
  2. If signature collecting is not your thing, or if you haven't donated yet, consider making a donation--you can do so here. We are halfway to our $2,500 goal, and any amount helps! 
  3. If anyone has contact with student groups at Universities across the state that may be interested in canvassing, please share them with me at zoe.diener@utah.edu

Thank you so much!

Zoë Diener 
M.S. Student, Public Health
University of Utah


Point-in-Time - Homeless

The Point-in-Time (PIT) count is a physical count of all homeless persons who are living in emergency shelters, transitional housing, and on the streets on a single night. This count is conducted annually in Utah during the last week in January and provides a snapshot of homelessness on a single night. The data gathered from the PIT not only better inform community leaders and providers about whom they serve and the difference they make, but also indicate where Utah stands in its work to help those experiencing homelessness relative to the nation.

Point-in-Time Count:
Persons in:
•Emergency Shelters
•Transitional Housing
•Safe Havens
•Unsheltered Persons (people who are staying in public or private places not
designated for or ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings, including cars, parks, abandoned buildings, bus or train stations, airports, or camping grounds during the hours between sunset and sunrise)
Housing Inventory Count:
Number of beds and units available on the night of the PIT, including domestic violence providers:
•Emergency Shelters
•Transitional Housing
•Safe Havens
•Permanent Supportive Housing
•Rapid Re-Housing
•Other Permanent Housing

PITime Table

Counts for this survey will be released October 2018
Utah Homeless Management Information System. “2017 Statewide PIT Count.” April 2017.
Utah HMIS Data Support for Homeless Providers in Utah. 17 September 28

Board MEMBER Spotlight: Daniel West Denhalter, MSPH - Clinical Research Manager

  1. Where do you currently work/go to school? 
    University of Utah School of Medicine Division of Epidemiology
  1. Why did you choose to pursue public health as your profession?
    I have always wanted to accomplish the most good. Helping my fellow man (and woman) was the most rewarding field to do the most good.

  2. What is your favorite vacation spot?
    Catalina Island California

Dan Denhalter Photo
  1. What time do you typically go to bed and get up in the morning?
    Bedtime is as soon as the kids are off to sleep. b. Wake up is as soon as they are awake usually 6 AM
  1. If money weren’t an issue right now, what would you be doing?
    Sailing a Catamaran into the deep Pacific Ocean
  1. What has been the most rewarding project you’ve worked on as a public health professional?
    In hospital breastfeeding enhancement initiative
  1. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Don Jose’s Mexican in Huntington California
  1. What is the best thing you’ve done in your life?
    Married the Girl of my dreams and had two amazing children with her.
  1. What do you to do relax?
    Work on a home project with my hands (like refinishing the dining room table… taking forever ), and when I’m tired I binge Netflix
  1. If you could give only one reason why someone should join UPHA, what would it be?
    Working shoulder to shoulder with public health professionals that make a difference.

STUDENT MEMBER Spotlight: Joshua Meyers, University of Utah- Master of Public Health / Master of Public Policy

Joshua was born and raised in Denver, CO. During this time, he spent a lot of time in the mountains and experiencing nature first-hand.

At the ripe age of 18, Joshua decided to move away from the nest and attend Northern Arizona University. It was at this institution that Joshua studied biology and chemistry and became particularly interested in animals. After much deliberation, Joshua decided he wanted to pursue the field of veterinarian medicine. This was a short-lived dream as he experienced the field first hand in Kailua-Kona, HI. It was at the Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary that Josh became close with a veterinarian and saw the “dark” side of veterinarian medicine. Although he loved animals and wanted to help them, he could not bear the pain of putting animals down or turning down families without insurance. It was also at this point that the woman pictured above (Alexis Juergens) was accepted into the University of Utah Law School.

Joshua Meyers Photo

With no plans, Joshua moved to Utah to support Alexis in her dreams of becoming a lawyer. Over the past three years, Joshua has worked in many industries including sales, food and tutoring but it was through his after-school experience he gained a deeper appreciation for community health. As a program coordinator at Promise South Salt Lake, Joshua had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of students ages 5-18. He served the food they ate, he administered the activities they participated in, and overall conditions were negative. The food delivered was unhealthy and unnatural. The activities consisted of sitting stagnantly and watching movies. All this began to build up and show Joshua that the health of these children was deteriorating. It was at this point, Joshua realized that to make a difference he had to study health and the policy process that made change attainable.

Joshua, now in his second semester at the University of Utah, is an active member of UPHA-SA as the chair elect of the policy committee and the secretary of the Utah Public Health Student Ambassadors program. Joshua plans to continue his education to impact the health of children nationwide and potentially one day run for local or state office. He currently works at the National Center for Shaken Baby Syndrome in hopes of continuing this pursuit.

When not involved in academics you can find Joshua spending time with his lovely lady (Alexis) and their 11-year-old, toothless dog Putter. He is an avid sports fan, enjoys going to the gym and loves to continually learn about nutrition and diet.
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