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Calls for 2018 UPHA Annual Award Nominations

UPHA Call for Resolutions!

2018 Salt Lake County Homeless – Point in Time Count


APHA 2018 Annual Meeting – Call for Abstracts


Board Spotlight: Christopher Smoot, MPH, LEHS


Student Spotlight: Lauren Clarice Manzione, BYU MPH Program


Calls for 2018 UPHA Annual Award Nominations

“Leadership is all about taking people on a journey. The challenge is that most of the time, we are asking people to follow us to places we ourselves have never been.” – Andy Stanley

The Utah Public Health Association (UPHA) recognizes the outstanding efforts of organizations and individuals in the community that work hard to improve the lives Utahns. These organizations and individuals are true leaders of health.

The UPHA Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for the following awards. If someone in your organization has excelled at providing public health awareness, knowledge, or at implementing a program in your community, now is the time to recognize their efforts.

* Beatty Award – The Beatty Award is the most distinguished award given by UPHA. Each year, the Beatty Award is presented to a UPHA Member who is in good standing and who has made a significant contribution to public health in Utah.

* Public Health Hero – The three categories for the Public Health Hero awards are: 1) an individual from the community; 2) a public health employee; and 3) a group, organization, or project. Each category is awarded to one individual/group.

* Rising Star Award – This award recognizes an individual who demonstrates leadership in the public health field. Individuals nominated for this award should be making a significant contribution to the advancement of health within a community or to the knowledge and practice in the public health field. Nominees should be new to public health, having worked in this area for no more than 3 years.

* Youth Award – This award is presented annually to a youth group that has made a significant contribution to address a serious public health problem.

For more information about the specific requirements and descriptions for each award, please visit https://www.upha.org/resources.html  or contact Shaheen Hossain at 801-273-2855 or shossain@utah.gov

Please send your nominations to the Awards Committee chair – as listed below by 5:00 p.m., Friday, February 23, 2018.

Shaheen Hossain – shossain@utah.gov

UPHA Call for Resolutions!

Now is your opportunity to propose resolutions to be considered by the UPHA membership at our annual business meeting. If you have a resolution you would like the membership to consider, please send a draft to Dean Penovich no later than Monday, March 2, 2018.  View an example of a previously passed resolution.

A spokesperson for the resolution must be a current paid member of UPHA and will be expected to present the resolution during the annual business meeting. Please contact Dean if you have any questions at 801-913-2621 or at dpenovich@utah.gov


UPHA STUDENT ASSEMBLY: 2018 Salt Lake County Homeless – Point in Time Count

The Point in Time Count is an annual count of homeless persons that takes place over the course of four sequential days from Wednesday, January 24 through Saturday, January 27.  The goal is to find homeless persons living on the streets and gather information in order to connect them with available services. There are several ways you can be a part of the Salt Lake County Homeless Point in Time Count. For this effort, we anticipate needing upwards of 100 volunteers, most of whom will search out and conduct surveys with persons experiencing homelessness who are living on the streets. In order to more broadly connect with people throughout the Salt Lake valley, we are expanding the geography of the count this year and will have three home base locations for volunteers to meet and start out from each day of the early morning count. These locations will be in downtown Salt Lake, Riverton and Murray.

VOLUNTEER - Wednesday, January 24 – Saturday, January 27, 2018

OUTREACH VOLUNTEERS: We need 100 or more volunteers to work in teams to seek out and interview homeless individuals who are living on the streets. This is a four-day event. On the evening of day one volunteers will receive training related to approaching and interviewing persons experiencing homelessness and be organized into teams. On the mornings of days 2-4 each team will have the opportunity to thoroughly explore a designated geographic area to outreach to homeless persons for the three days of the Homeless Point in Time Count.

• Wednesday, January 24 – overview & Volunteer Training 5:30-8:00 p.m. – attendance required
    (Sunrise Metro in Downtown Salt Lake City, 580 South 500 West)

• Thursday, January 25 – Meet with Team/Survey, 4-6 am (arrive at designated home base by 3:45 am)

• Friday, January 26 – Meet with Team/Survey, 4-6 am (arrive at designated home base by 3:45 am)

• Saturday, January 27 – Meet with Team/Survey, 4-6 am (arrive at designated home base by 3:45 am)

HEADQUARTERS VOLUNTEERS: We need volunteers at Headquarters during the mornings of the Point in Time count. Volunteers will help organize returning street count volunteers, assist with breakfast, and help with organization after the count each day. This is a 5:30am to 7:30 am shift, Thursday, January 25-Saturday, January 27. The Wednesday evening training will also be part of this volunteer assignment.

OTHER WAYS YOU CAN SUPPORT THE COUNT: There are other vital roles to the effort of the Homeless Point in Time Count, including providing in-kind or monetary donations to provide supplies for the homeless population and support the campaign to end homelessness in our community.

IMPORTANT - Food and drink will be provided to you at the evening training and during every volunteer shift at Headquarters!

Sign up online at -  https://slcpit2018.wufoo.com/forms/zwsmz0b03j21cg/

Questions? Email us at slcpit18@gmail.com



APHA’s 2018 Annual Meeting and Expo will be held on November 10-14, 2018 in San Diego. The theme for this year is “Creating the Healthiest Nation: Health Equity Now.”  While abstracts that align with the meeting’s health equity theme are encouraged, abstracts related to any and all public health disciplines are welcome. Here’s how it works: Each of APHA’s member groups — Sections, Special Primary Interest Groups, Caucuses and Forums — puts out their own call for abstracts, and a single abstract can only be submitted to one member group for consideration.

Make sure to prepare your abstract submission according to the particular instructions provided and follow the submission process. Submission deadlines vary depending on the member group to which you’re submitting, with deadlines ranging from Feb. 19-23 (some program’s deadlines have been extended into March).

The next question you’re probably wondering is: Can I submit an abstract if I’m not an APHA member? Absolutely! But, if your abstract is accepted, the presenting author must join APHA as an individual member and register for the Annual Meeting. (And with that membership, comes all the benefits of joining one of the country’s premier public health organizations.) You’ll be notified via email with your abstract status on June 4, 2018.

For more information, please see: http://www.publichealthnewswire.org/?p=19478

Board MEMBER Spotlight: Christopher Smoot, MPH, LEHS

  1. Where do you currently work/go to school? 
    Wasatch County Health Department (I also teach a course at BYU as an adjunct professor).
  1. Why did you choose to pursue public health as your profession?
    I grew up in a family of healthcare providers where we enjoyed many discussions about the health and medical fields. While I love the field of medicine and admire those who practice, I felt my skills and abilities fit more in the field of public health. I enjoy being able to assist in the development of healthy communities.

  2. What is your favorite vacation spot?

Chair Smoot
  1. What time do you typically go to bed and get up in the morning?
    Go to bed around 11:00pm and get up at 6:15 am
  1. If money weren’t an issue right now, what would you be doing?
    Traveling the world
  1. What has been the most rewarding project you’ve worked on as a public health professional?
    Helping to create the Epidemiology Affiliate of the Utah Association of Local Health Departments
  1. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Hamburgers or pizza
  1. What is the best thing you’ve done in your life?
    Marry my wife
  1. What do you to do relax?
    Read a book, watch a movie, or play a game (football, basketball, soccer, etc)
  1. If you could give only one reason why someone should join UPHA, what would it be?
    It is a great networking opportunity with a variety of professionals in the field of public health

STUDENT MEMBER Spotlight: Lauren Clarice Manzione, BYU MPH Program

Lauren was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Utah with a minor in nutrition in 2013.

After earning her undergraduate degree, Lauren spent several years on the Communications Team at Community Action Services and Food Bank in Provo, where she helped recruit donors and volunteers and spread awareness about poverty issues in Utah County.

She now serves on the Board of the Provo City Housing Authority and the Provo Nonprofit Housing Development Corporation. She is also the Communications Chair Elect of the UPHA SSA and she is in her second semester of her Master’s of Public Health at Brigham Young University. After graduation she hopes to work in chronic disease epidemiology.

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