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December 2014 E-NEWS

Table of Contents

APHA Meeting a Big Success!

APHA President Joyce Gaufin speaks at 142nd Annual Meeting in New Orleans

Creating the healthiest nation in one generation

Join APHA for National Public Health Week 2015

UPHA is Hiring a Bookeeper!

Message from Smith's Community Rewards Program

Organizing UPHA Sections - We need your help!

Board Member Spotlight: Dean Penovich, MPH

Student Abstract: Jessica Strong, MPH

Public Health Spotlight: Adolescent Health in Utah

Save the Dates!


apha meeting a big success!

More than 12,500 public health professionals attended this year's meeting to present new research, share ideas, learn best practices and get energized for the challenges ahead. The APHA Conference general sessions featured acting U.S. Surgeon General Boris Lushniak, award-winning author Isabelle Wilkerson, RWJF President & CEO Risa Lavizzo-Mourey and a special panel discussion with six surgeons general covering four presidential administrations. Videos are available on APHA’s website.

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APHA President Joyce Gaufin speaks at 142nd Annual Meeting in New Orleans

Watch outgoing APHA president, Joyce Gaufin, describe how her parents and 60 siblings motivated her to work in public health. It's why we do public health

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creating the healthiest nation in one generation

Watch APHA Executive Director, Georges Benjamin, speak on on creating the healthiest nation in one generation. Create the healthiest nation

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join apha for national public health week 2015

From April 6-12, 2015, join APHA for National Public Health Week 2015. The theme is “Healthiest Nation 2030.” The U.S. trails other countries in life expectancy and other measures of good health, and this holds true across all ages and incomes. NPHW 2015 presents an opportunity for public health professionals and broader partnerships to address what we can do to improve health outcomes and impacts of chronic disease. This is the defining challenge of our generation—that we, the public health community, are uniquely positioned to overcome. That’s why, during NPHW 2015, the public health community is rallying around a goal of making the U.S. the Healthiest Nation in One Generation—by 2030. Get involved with NPHW by signing the healthiest nation pledge, downloading the 2015 brochure and signing up for updates. And be sure to follow @NPHW on Twitter for all the latest NPHW news. 

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UPHA Bookkeeper Vacancy

We are looking for a person to fill the position described below for the Utah Public Health Association.
To apply, send a brief statement of interest and a resume by December 15th to:

Executive Director
Utah Public Health Association
PO Box 9387
Millcreek, UT  84109

Job Title: Bookkeeper
Reports to: Association Executive Director
Employment Status: Part-time (2 to 10 hours/week)
Hourly Wage: $12-$15 - Based on Experience.  This position is by Contract without any employee benefits.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Association Bookkeeping duties and responsibilities for basic financial system maintenance, including:
data input, accounts payable, deposits, fund transfers, collecting payments at events, collections and maintenance of files and reports.

• Ensure accuracy and completeness of Requisitions / Invoices.
• Ensure timely preparation of payments and proper entry into accounting system.
• Ensure accurate and timely deposits of income from checks, cash and credit cards, including documentation and filing.
• Ensure accurate and timely recording and payment of all accounts payable, including documentation.
• Interact with internal and external persons, such as Officers, Board Members, vendors and resolve related issues.
• Assist in managing all checking, savings and investments accounts owned by the Association.
• Perform various general accounting functions such as record filing, data entry, account reconciliations and special reports.
• Perform fund transfers based on indirect administration rate between Association accounts.
• Prepare timely reports for each Association event, including revenues and expenditures.
• Attend Association events to insure attendee payments have been received, collect payments, prepare deposits.
• Reconcile all event registrations to payments and assist in collections from non paying registrants and/or agencies.
• Other duties as assigned.

HIGHLY QUALIFIED CANDIDATES (Used in rating applicants, all desired and some not required):
• A Member of the Association
• Experience in bookkeeping and financial management.
• Knowledge of accounting theory, concepts and practices applicable to accounting requirements for a non profit.
• Strong mathematical and analytical skills for monitoring accounting records and resolving accounting problems.
• Ability to analyze budgetary revenue and expenditures for compliance with approved agency, grant and contract budgets.
• Ability to effectively communicate accounting information, policies, and/or procedures in a manner easily understood by customers and vendors.
• Computer literate with experience in Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks accounting software.
• Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form.

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smith's community rewards program

Dear Smith's Community Rewards partner,

Thank you for being part of the Smith's Community Rewards program. The response to this program has been incredible since the kickoff in January. We know you have worked hard to get this program running in your area. We have some great news! The participants enrolled with your organization will not have to re-enroll this January. All participants will automatically be linked to your organization through the end of December 2015.  There will be no re-enrollment until January 2016. Remember: Participants may enroll into the program at anytime of the year by visiting smithscommmunityrewards.com

Smith’s is donating $1.4 million to local schools and nonprofit organizations in 2014, and UPHA is signed up to be one of its recipients! The new Smith’s Community Rewards program lets customers select a charity to which Smith’s will donate, based on dollars they spend in stores. You can help support UPHA by enrolling for the program and linking your account to UPHA. There is no cost to enroll for Smith’s Customers, and enrollment does not affect your supporters’ fuel points or coupon discounts.


1. Visit SmithsCommunityRewards.com
2. Sign in to your Online Account or create a new account
3. Find and select "Utah Public Health Association" and click "Save"

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Organizing UPHA Sections - PLEASE HELP!

As previously reported, UPHA has created Sections within the Association. Now we need your help to get the Sections organized and running. The seven professional Sections are: Nursing, Environmental Health, Health Education & Promotion, Health Administration, Epidemiology, Nutrition & Dietetics, and the Student Assembly. 

How can you help?   Choose your Section NOW and let leadership know if you are interested in helping to organize and lead your Section. Here are two ways you designate your Section:

1)  When you are notified to renew your membership, a personalized email will be generated and sent to you by the Membership system with specific instructions on how to enter the Membership system to designate the two UPHA Sections you want to join. 


2) Since we need to begin organizing Sections during the next few months we need you to update your selection immediately. Go to the UPHA website, Membership Tab, find the link to join/renew membership and update your information.

As we gather this information over the next month, an organizing meeting of the Sections will be scheduled to begin the process of selecting Section leadership. You will be notified of the meeting date for the Sections you choose, whether they are your first of second. Also, if your Membership has expired, the renewal email will also provide instructions on paying your Membership fees.

Please look for and respond to your personalized email and help us expand your UPHA Membership with our new Sections OR update your membership information online!  

Thank you for your support and we look forward to meeting with you soon.
UPHA Leadership

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Board Member Spotlight: dean penovich, mph

Where do you currently work/go to school? I work for the Utah Department of Health

Why did you choose to pursue public health as your profession? Health really interested me when in school. When I was attending college, I heard public health representatives discuss jobs and working in this field and it really peaked my interest. I always thought it would be a great profession to be in a field that really helped people.

What is your favorite vacation spot? I am not one to take elaborate vacations, but my family has always enjoyed going to Bear Lake and Southern California.

What time do you typically go to bed and get up in the morning? 10 pm, 5 am. I am an early riser, now if I could just get to bed earlier than I usually do.

If money weren’t an issue right now, what would you be doing? Living large!!!

What has been the most rewarding project you’ve worked on as a public health professional? Working with others. I have always enjoyed working closely with local health department colleagues.

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Chinese food!!!

What is the best thing you’ve done in your life? Been married and had a family

What do you to do relax? Movie and dinner

If you could give only one reason why someone should join UPHA, what would it be? Get involved! Represent your field of interest and serve to influence this profession.

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Student Spotlight: jessica strong, mph

Background: Changing healthcare through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), will invariably alter public health, as the systems are linked. In order to adapt to changes, health education specialists (HES) need to be educated and actively involved in redesigning the new environment.

Objective: The study’s purpose was to survey HES in the US on their knowledge, attitude and perceptions of the ACA. Methods: A 53-item nationwide survey was conducted on HES with CHES or MCHES certification. A randomized sample was used. Knowledge questions were compared to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s public opinion poll on healthcare reform.

Results: The sample was mostly female, Caucasian and CHES certified. HES feel far more favorable of the law than the general public. Most thought the ACA will either be very or somewhat successful at increasing the number of insured Americans. Regarding Title IV, this covers prevention and public health, few could name provisions. On most provision questions, HES knew more than the general public. HES believe the country will be better off under the ACA and quality and cost of healthcare will improve. Those who viewed the law favorably were statistically more likely to score better on a knowledge scale.

Discussion: While HES understand well-known provisions, they are uncertain about common myths. They know little about Title IV, the act that will most directly influence their work. A greater emphasis on directed education to HES on how the law may impact their work and how to advocate for the profession is warranted.

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Public heatlh Spotlight: adolescent health in utah

Utah Adolescent Health Varies by Local Health District
New data report will help districts target most-needed interventions

For the first time ever, new, self-reported data show which areas of the state have the healthiest teens. “This is the first time we’ve been able to look at adolescent health by geography,” said Michael Friedrichs, UDOH Epidemiologist. “It’s exciting and incredibly important because school administrators, local health leaders and parents can now better identify the health and safety needs of this population.”    

Report findings have uncovered health problems that vary widely across the state and also within local health districts. For example, in the Weber-Morgan Health District, no indicators ranked better than the state rate. In fact, 11 of the 29 indicators were worse than the state, including: screen time, obesity, family meals, cigarette smoking,  e-cigarette use, exposure to smoking at home, secondhand smoke exposure, current asthma, diabetes, driver texting, and feeling sad or hopeless.

In contrast, in Utah County Health District, only three (asthma management, driver talking on a cell phone, and driver texting) of the 29 indicators were ranked worse than the state, showing that even in relatively healthy communities, health and safety concerns still exist. 

The 2013 Utah Adolescent Health Report uses data from the Prevention Needs Assessment (PNA) survey. The PNA surveyed a random sample   of students in grades 8, 10, and 12 in the spring of 2013 on substance abuse, tobacco use, asthma, diabetes, healthy weight, physical activity, nutrition, tanning, violence, and injury. Response was voluntary and parents approve their student/s’ participation. 

Other highlights of the report include:

  • Salt Lake County and Tooele County Health Districts had significantly higher rates of psychological distress, making a suicide plan, and attempting suicide compared to the state.
  • One in four Utah students reported having been threatened or harassed over the Internet, by email, or by someone using a cell phone, with the highest prevalence seen in Salt Lake County Health District at 26.8%.
  • At 5.8%, the prevalence of current use of e-cigarettes is higher among Utah students than current cigarette smoking (3.9%). In Weber-Morgan Health District, 20% of the students reported current e-cigarette use.
  • Adolescents in Utah County (65.0%), Wasatch (65.2%), and Weber-Morgan (65.4%) Local Health Districts reported significantly higher rates of riding in a car with a driver who was texting compared to the state (61.3%). 
  • Central, Southeastern, Southwest, Tooele County, and TriCounty adolescents reported significantly lower seat belt use compared to the state.

“Opportunities for change exist all around us, from using permanent signs as an easy way to inform parents and visitors that school property is a tobacco-free zone, to ensuring an asthma action plan is completed yearly by parents of children who have asthma,” said Heather Borski, Director, Bureau of Health Promotion, UDOH. 
The data are presented in tables, graphs, and maps to help show the percentage of Utah students in grades 8, 10, and 12 who are affected by different health issues and where problems are concentrated in the state. 

Topics in the report include:
    • Lifestyles (computer screen time, physical activity, youth obesity, family meals, tanning, tobacco use)
    • Chronic conditions (asthma, diabetes)
    • Violence and injuries (motor vehicle safety, prescription drug abuse, bullying)
    • Mental health (feeling sad or hopeless, psychological distress, suicide)

For a full copy of the 2013 Adolescent Health Report, visit http://www.choosehealth.utah.gov/prek-12/schools/data.php.

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