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August 2013 E-NEWS

Table of Contents

UPHA President's Message

Board Member Spotlight: Kathryn Marti, BSN, MPHS

Student Spotlight: Brianne Cunningham Glenn

UPHA Needs a New Secretary

Get Ready to Act!

Suicide is a leading public health issue and we need your help!

Save the Dates!


UPHA president's message

UPHA’s overarching goals for 2013 mirror those of the American Public Health Association (APHA). They include

  1. Increase access to health care
  2. Increase public health infrastructure
  3. Increase equity (reduce disparities) in the population

The Utah Public Health Association (UPHA) is not a political organization. It is a service organization dedicated to helping the citizens of Utah understand and use evidenced-based science to improve health. The desire to be healthy is universal, cutting across all segments of society. The historic record is crystal clear regarding resources used to improve public health; investments in public health have secured our standard and quality of living more than any other. Health is the foundation of economic development at the local, state, and federal level. A society cannot prosper with an unhealthy workforce.
A great portion of public health work is rooted in the prevention of disease. Unfortunately, too often the general public does not connect disease prevention activities with the healthy outcomes they produce. Prevention activities are taken for granted as long as they are successful. This is the great public health paradox, the more successful we are the more funding devoted to public health is viewed as unnecessary. Linking the promise prevention provides to the product it produces is our challenge.

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board member spotlight: kathryn marti, BSN, MSPH

Meet this month’s board member, Kathryn Marti! Kathryn works at the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) where she has been Director of the Office of Public Health Assessment (OPHA) for the past 5 years.  She started at UDOH in 1995 in the Children with Special Health Care Needs Bureau and moved to the Cannon Building to be Utah Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Coordinator.  

Kathryn says she took her first epidemiology class while in nursing school at the Cornell Medical Center in New York City.  She found the class so interesting that she decided to make public health nursing her emphasis while in school.  During her final semester of school, she worked in one of the Settlement Houses in New York City and with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.  As a nursing student, she also spent one summer in a rural health clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico. These experiences made her realize the importance of addressing the needs of special populations in promoting health.

Her interest in public health and nursing probably started even at a younger age. When Kathryn was in high school and college, she worked in a nursing home as a nurse’s aide. She said the experience taught her a lot about the fragility of life and led her decision to become a nurse.  Kathryn says nursing is a rewarding profession that can lead a person in many directions, including public health.

Kathryn says the most rewarding project she has worked on, as a public health professional was a project in Los Angeles. There, as a Public Health Nurse for the Department of Children’s Services Adoptions Division, she helped set up an evaluation program to assist case workers in making sure the health care needs of the children were being addressed.

On a personal note, Kathryn’s favorite vacation spot is the Barrier Reef in Australia.  Kathryn and her husband spent four days diving off a boat on the Barrier Reef a couple of years ago.  It was something they had thought about doing for many years so they were extremely thrilled to finally make it there. She also enjoys biking, hiking, taking camping trips, reading, baking, playing the piano and spending time with her family, including her two grandsons.

Kathryn is a super active person who loves to give back. In her spare time she says she would like to work with children who need help with reading or math (or just want to go hiking!) And she thinks it may be fun to run a doggie day care business! Her favorite food is sushi, and she says she is definitely a morning person! She loves to get up early to have time to work out at home before she heads off to work!

Kathryn feels people should join UPHA to be part of, and learn from, a network of people who really believe in what they are doing to create the conditions in which people can live healthy lives, across sectors and with many interesting and devoted partners.  Kathryn is a talented, intelligent, and kindhearted board member! We are lucky to have her as a part of UPHA!

kathryn marti photo

The photo is of my younger son and me at Machu Picchu after hiking the Inca Trail for 4 days

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student spotlight: brianne cunningham glenn

I was about 5 years old when I first told my family I was going to “make people healthy” when I grew up. As a freshman at the University of Utah I was still committed to this dream and I enrolled in pre-med classes, became certified as a phlebotomist, CNA, and EMT, and began shadowing any physician who would let me tag along. It didn’t take me long to realize the majority of the patients I saw were suffering from diseases that could have been prevented. When I looked at my own family I saw more of the same; heart disease, emphysema, and type II diabetes. It occurred to me then it made more sense to “make people healthy” by keeping them healthy. I no longer wanted to diagnose illness, I wanted to educate and help prevent it.

Currently, I am a graduate student in the Public Health program at Westminster College and work as the HIV Testing Coordinator at the Utah AIDS Foundation.  I am thrilled to have the ability to apply my education to my work and am currently conducting a research study on oropharyngeal infections of chlamydia and gonorrhea. Public health is about improving our lives and our communities through education, support, and collaboration. I look forward to a future in public health and helping individuals to enjoy their lives fully.

brianne cunningham glenn photo

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upha needs a new secretary

The Association is recruiting for a Secretary / Administrative Assistant to assist the Association.  The position will function for approximately seven months, from the date the position is filled until April 16, 2014, at the Annual UPHA Business Meeting, when a new Secretary will be announced.
The duties for this position include:

  • Assist the President in organizational responsibilities and functions
  • Create and maintain Association meeting minutes
  • Maintain files, records and archives of the Association
  • Prepare the correspondence for the Association leaders
  • Assist the President in the Association’s Endowment Fund Initiative.
  • Participate as an active Executive Committee and Board member.

A more detailed Position Description is found at:  http:// http://board.upha.org/members/secure/positions/PosDesc-Secretary-Recruiting2013.pdf.

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, please email our Executive Director, Paul Wightman, at:  director@upha.org

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get ready to act!

August 3 – September 8, during the Congressional Recess, UPHA will be taking an active role in supporting APHA’s 2013 Public Health ACTion (PHACT) Campaign.  The PHACT campaign provide an opportunity to communicate directly with our members of Congress while they are at home in our Congressional districts to show support for public health. 

UPHA’s communication priority with the PHACT campaign is protecting public health funding.  Between August 3-September 8, the UPHA’s policy unit will be sending out calls to action to you.  These calls to action may include links to various fact sheets developed using APHA infographics about the benefits of public health funding.

As UPHA members, we have a responsibility to advocate for important issues that affect public health in the state of Utah.  Regardless of your professional employment, you have rights and civic obligations as individual citizens.  Please do not stand idly by when you receive a call to action.  Take the time to click through, add to a sample email, and send it to your congressional representative.  Urge Congress to protect critical funding for public health service agencies including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).  These two federal agencies provide funding for over 15 major services and programs at the Utah Department of Health alone.  Funding public health protects our communities and kids, saves lives and saves money.

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suicide is a leading public health issue and we need your help!

The Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition is conducting a three-minute anonymous survey (Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Utah-SuicideSurvey) among Utah community and business leaders.  
As part of the Zero Suicide Initiative of the National Action Alliance on Suicide Prevention, several states have participated in this survey.  

The goals of the survey are to: (1) Identify suicide prevention training needs in Utah and (2) Identify gaps in community efforts to support individuals with suicidal thinking, feelings, or behavior. In order to accomplish these goals, questions will be asked pertaining to your knowledge, beliefs and experiences with suicide prevention. Aggregate results at the organizational level will be used to determine how we can improve suicide prevention, intervention, training, support, and post-vention nationally and locally. 

The last page of the survey will provide information on how you can receive the survey results and enter drawing to win a $100 Amazon.com gift card and a book from Thomas Joiner, author of "Why People Die by Suicide."

Please help us meet our goal of having 5,000 Utahns take this Suicide Prevention Survey!  Feel free to forward this email and survey link to your partners and others as applicable.

If you have questions regarding the survey, contact Anna Fondario at 801-538-6201 or afondario@utah.gov.  If you have questions about Utah’s suicide prevention efforts, contact Rick Hendy at 801-538-4390 or rhendy@utah.gov.

Thank you for your participation!  
Survey Link:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Utah-SuicideSurvey

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