August 2019 E-Newsletter

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Speak for Health

If I asked you to “speak for health” what would you say? I believe UPHA members speak for health all the time - at work, at home, and within our communities. Recently, Patty Cross (Vice President) and I had the opportunity to visit the offices of Mitt Romney and Mike Lee to talk about UPHA’s position on climate change. It was wonderful to take action on behalf of UPHA members. Albeit a bit intimidating, we were armed with facts and state/region specific information from the APHA Speak for Health campaign. We also prepped with UPHA’s Advocacy Unit to review our policy priorities including funding for public health, tobacco, and air quality. In order to speak with one voice, I encourage members to develop resolutions about important public health issues. Once approved by membership, we can solidly declare that we speak on behalf of our membership. I learned a few fun facts about advocacy through this experience and want to pass this learning along:

  • If you are a constituent and in D.C., you can meet with someone in your representative’s office (either the elected representative or an aid).
  • If you are not sure what to talk about, use information from APHA’s Speak for Health campaign.
  • Learn more HERE.
  • You are an expert! You are well-versed in public health and an expert about your community.
  • Identifying yourself as a UPHA member makes you a public health expert in the eyes of lawmakers.

Thank you for being a UPHA member!
-Sharon Talboys, UPHA President

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