Strategic Plan

UPHA Vision

UPHA is a trusted champion for improving public health through innovation, leadership, and collaboration.

UPHA Mission

Protect and improve the health of the public and achieve equity in health status.

UPHA Values

UPHA strives to:

  • Advocate sound public health policy
  • Ensure a healthy and safe environment
  • Promote community and population health
  • Inform and engage the community about public health issues
  • Support and develop the public health workforce
  • Champion health equity and social justice
  • Promote access to health care

2018-2020 Goals

Goal Area: Membership

  1. Increase membership by 25% over three years
  2. Increase membership engagement
  3. Develop public health professionals

Goal Area: Communications

  1. Communicate with members and public/partners through use of technology
  2. Enhance IT Infrastructure to improve communication channels and messages
  3. Communicate and promote who/what UPHA is, what we stand for, what we offer so more know (members and non-members)

Goal Area: Policy

  1. 30 percent of UPHA membership actively engages in health policy advocacy
  2. Strengthen impact/influence of UPHA advocacy activity


Goal Area: Financial Management

  1. Establish and update financial policies and procedures to foster financial continuity of the organization.
  2. Work towards developing and implementing plans for organizational resource development. (See 2015 Resolution: Support and Clarify Resource Development Function and Management of UPHA)

Goal Area: Staff, Executive & Operations

  1. Document and Manage Association's Business Plan & System