Organizational Information


President: Rebecca Fronberg - President Elect: Jessica Strong - Vice President: Christy Cushing - Past-President: Patty Cross

Treasurer: Pam LyonSecretary: TBA -  APHA Affiliate Representative: Teresa Garrett

Executive Director: Carrie Butler



Communications Unit

The Communications Unit is responsible for sharing current public health information with members, the media and the public via monthly E-News, the association’s website, and National Public Health Week. Contact the Communications Unit for more information.

Chair: Sarah Hodson    Members: Alison Conover, Rachel Myrer

Fiscal Unit

The Fiscal Unit is responsible for auditing UPHA revenues and expenses, preparing the association budget and identifying new and additional funding sources. Contact the Fiscal Unit for more information.

Chair:  Skyler Crouch    Members: Jade Murray

Advocacy Unit

The Advocacy Unit is responsible for UPHA advocacy efforts, including advancing sound public health policy. Our success is dependent on you! Please contact the Advocacy Unit to join our efforts or for more information.

Chair: Jessie Mandle Members: Kelbe Goupil, Katelyn Prawitt

Member Services Unit

The Member Services Unit includes all of the UPHA Executive Committee and is responsible for providing benefits and services to members, including the Public Health Conference for Utah, public health awards, board member nominations and professional development opportunities. Contact the UPHA President for more information.

Executive Operations Unit

The Executive Operations Unit includes the Director and other staff of the Association and is responsible for providing strategic planning, business planning and continuity, information technology resources, office management, policies and procedures, managing the Association Office functions and supervise appointed positions, including:  Bookkeeper, CHW Section Covid Project,  for the Association. Contact the UPHA Director for more information.

Student Assembly

The Student Assembly, organized in May 2010, is a student group established across universities in Utah to promote communication and interaction among public health students and professionals within UPHA and beyond. It allows networking and professional development opportunities for university students in Utah with an interest in public health and health education.

President: Abby Norton  



Awards Committee: Responsible for soliciting nominations for award recipients, review nominations, present to the Board recommendations for recipients and preparation of awards to be presented and managing the annual Awards Event. (Elected) Chair: Amy Mikkelsen  Members: Kellie Furman, Rosa Alveno

Annual Conference Committee: Engages UPHA’s Conference Planning Committee to coordinate student-related events and advertises the Public Health Conference for Utah to students. (Designated) Chair: Jessica Strong    Co-Chair: Christy Cushing and Conference Planning Committee Members

Finance Committee: Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on all financial matters, assist association groups prepare annual reports, work programs and budgets which shall be presented to the Board of Directors for approval prior to beginning of each fiscal year. (Designated) Chair: Pam Lyons    Members: Vangie Lund, Skyler Crouch, Jade Murray, and Bookkeeper

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee works to recruit and retain members to the Association.  It evaluates current and potential member benefits to ensure the association is best meeting members needs, and develops messaging/materials to promote membership.  This committee also maintains the membership database, keeps member lists up-to-date, and ensures renewals and new members processes are functioning.  (Elected) Chair: Eric Christensen    Member: Nancy Farnes, Hailey Judd

Nominations Committee: Nominates candidates for all offices, Board of Directors membership, and membership on elected Committee members. (Elected) Chair: Kelly Teemant   Members: Ashley Yaugher, Jesse Bush

Professional Development Committee: Responsible for actively promoting and improving developmental opportunities for health professionals, students, educators and others interested in public health in Utah. (Designated) Eric Edwards and Stephanie Stokes

Resource Development Committee: Identify and solicit diversified sources of funding, including endowed funds, scholarships, donations, gifts, grants, and entrepreneurial opportunities to fund UPHA events and services. (Designated) Chair: Patty Cross   Members: Vacant Positions