Current Bylaws

Bylaws govern how UPHA operates legally and within federal and state guidelines for a Non-Profit organization. The Bylaws include details of how the Association is structured. The current version includes amendments made through 2019. Changes to the Bylaws require a vote by the Members at the Annual Business Meeting.

Download the current PDF version of Bylaws (2019)

Proposed 2022 Changes

During the UPHA Board Meeting on January 28, 2022, the Board voted to recommend the proposed amendments to the UPHA Bylaws be discussed at the  virtual UPHA Annual Meeting scheduled on Tuesday March 22, 2022 from 1-3pm.  Other than various technical amendments, there are three significant proposed changes:

1. All members of the UPHA Board of Directors would be required to be current dues paying members.
2. Three new Units would be added to the UPHA Board - the Awards Unit, the Nominations Unit and the Membership Unit.  Currently these groups function as committees with 3 elected positions each. With this proposed change, UPHA's Board would have a total of 7 Units, each with 3 year elected positions that are assisted by the following committees:

  • Advocacy Unit - assisted by the Advocacy Committee
  • Awards Unit - assisted by the Awards Committee
  • Communications Unit - assisted by the Communications Committee
  • Fiscal Unit - assisted by the Finance Committee and Treasurer
  • Membership Unit - assisted by both the Membership Committee and the Professional Development Committee
  • Nominations Unit - assisted by the Nominations Committee
  • Executive Operations Unit shall consist of special and ad hoc committees

3. All elected members of the UPHA Board, including the Executive Committee and elected Unit leaders would be voting members of the Board. In addition, the appointed Secretary and one representative from each Section would also be voting members of the Board.

Please join the discussion at the virtual Annual Meeting on Tuesday March 22, 2022 from 1-3pm. You can review the proposed changes here (track changes version) or (clean version). In addition, please review the proposed organizational chart that visualizes the proposed changes to the Bylaws.

If you have any questions, please contact UPHA Vice President Christy Cushing at

2019 Bylaw Changes

The membership voted to make the Membership Committee, a three-person elected committee to ensure greater focus and sustainability in carrying out membership functions. Membership Committee positions will be included in the 2020 ballot.


2018 Bylaw Changes

A thorough review of the bylaws was made by the Policy Unit and a number of changes were approved by the membership to update and clarify language, reflect current association practices, and ensure consistency with with the American Public Health Association.