Board Nominations

The success of the UPHA is dependent on the willingness of its membership to serve in various positions in the Association. Each year, as part of the Annual Conference, new board members are elected by the membership.

UPHA is seeking nominations for the following positions:
● Vice-President - Officer (4-years)
● Communications Unit - Board Member (3-years)
● Fiscal Unit - Board Member (3-years)
● Advocacy Unit - Board Member (3-years)
● Membership Committee (3-years)
● Nominations Committee (3-years)
● Awards Committee (3-years)

For more information about board nominations, please refer to the bylaws, position descriptions and organizational structure.

Find the 2022 UPHA Board Nomination Form HERE.

Questions? Contact a member of the Nominations Committee

2021 New Board Members

Christy Cushing, Vice President
Rachel Myrer, Communication Management
Skyler Crouch, Fiscal Management
Jade Murray, Fiscal Management
Kevin Nguyen, Policy Management
Kelbe Goupil, Policy Management
Hailey Judd, Membership Committee
Jesse Bush, Nominations Committee Member
Rosa Alveno, Awards Committee Member
Abby Norton, Student Assembly