Board Nominations

Let the Nominations Begin!

It's the time of year to begin thinking about your commitment to UPHA. Have you served in an elected office or as a board member? Are you interested? Would you like to have a voice in the important health issues in our state? If you have about 3 hours a month to give to our professional public health organization, please submit your name or the name of a colleague!

The success of the UPHA is very dependent on the willingness of its membership to serve in various offices and positions in the association. Each year as part of the annual conference, new officers of the association are elected by the membership to serve in the coming years. UPHA definitely needs you, or someone you know!

We are actively seeking nominations for the following offices:

  • Officer - Vice-President - 4-year commitment
  • Officer - Treasurer - 2-year commitment
  • Board Member - Communications Unit - 3-year commitment
  • Board Member - Fiscal Unit - 3-year commitment
  • Board Member - Advocacy Unit - 3-year commitment
  • Awards Committee Member - 3-year commitment
  • Nominations Committee Member - 3-year commitment
  • Membership Committee Member-3-year commitment

For more information, please refer to the bylaws, position descriptions, and organizational structure.

Please email your nominations (including self-nominations!) to a member of the nominations committee listed below by 5:00 pm, Friday March 20, 2020.

Hilary Makris - 435-277-2364 ~
Jacob Isaacson – 435-299-9684 ~
Kelly Teemant – 801-587-0624 ~


2019 New Board Members

Rebecca Fronberg, Vice President
Teresa Garrett, Affiliate Representative to APHA
Sarah Hodson, Communication Management
Jaron Halford, Fiscal Management
Carrie Butler, Policy Management
Kellie Furman, Awards Committee
Kelly Teemant, Nominations Committee